Custom Wheel Solutions, LLC (CWS) can supply your private label wheel program using the latest in casting technologies utilizing low pressure, counter pressure or gravity casting methods. CWS manufactures wheels using all current casting processes and the most technologically advanced casting equipment available on the market. Wheel size and design complexity are what typically drive the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing and casting process for your wheel. For nearly 3 decades, CWS has been involved in all facets of new product design and development, together with the requisite engineering of a variety of products that benefit from the enhanced material properties derived from the casting process. Having built a number of factories all over the world, CWS management has “hands on” experience in designing, constructing and managing complete turnkey forged, cast and flow forming manufacturing facilities. Our experience includes the automotive aftermarket, RV market, military and automotive OEM's (original equipment manufacturers, FORD, GM FCA, Toyota, etc.) as well as producing wheels many racing venues. CWS management has more combined experience in forging, casting and flow forming technologies than any other contract manufacturing source in the world today.







CWS customers typically demand the highest level of product engineering and production quality. We offer a level of service above what others in the industry consider "acceptable". To CWS, our job is not done until our customer is satisfied. We make no exceptions to getting the job done right. Hence our name…"Custom Wheel Solutions" …we solve problems so that you don’t have to. The end result…a privately manufactured wheel that you are proud to put your company name on.

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